Mirabai Devi

Staying in the Light in a World of Instability

An Interview with Mirabai Devi The current state of humanity poses many deep challenges, and in this interview Mirabai talks about how we can navigate these difficult times while staying in the Light. Here’s a breakdown of the key points: Humanity is going through an awakening period and this process is intense and often involves […]

Freedom from Financial Burdens

Interview with Mirabai Devi August 2018 Financial burdens affect us emotionally, mentally and physically which  impacts every area of our well-being.   We are affected emotionally because financial burdens usually induce worry, fear, stress and feelings of being trapped or hopeless. It causes depression, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and insecurity.  We can become blocked from moving […]


Interview with Mirabai Devi March 2018 What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is a process of releasing or letting go of a person or situation that we are holding responsible for any of our own feelings of anger, resentment or hurt.  Forgiveness is a process where we recognize the painful experience that  we had with the person or […]

Freedom from Family and Lineage Karma

Interview with Mirabai Devi  December 2017 Family and Lineage karmic effects can be found not only as imprints in one’s personality  traits, belief systems, or lifestyles, but also in one’s mental, emotional and physical  bodies. Repetitive generational examples include limited beliefs and habits; emotional,  physical, sexual, or financial trauma; and ways of thinking or acting which […]