Mirabai Devi


Mirabai Devi is a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher, Divine Mother, Heart-centered Inspirational Speaker & Presenter, a channel/conduit for the Divine Light, a Global Healer, Author, and the Founder of the Mirabai Devi Foundation, her 501(c)(3) non-profit.

The Foundation is dedicated to her mission of raising world consciousness through the awakening and healing of humanity.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, from a very young age Mirabai saw the suffering in humanity which spurred a deep opening in her heart and filled her with compassion.  Her earliest training came at 3 years old directly from the Divine Light and the Beings of Light [Masters] who appeared before her when she was a child. They came to teach and prepare her for her future healing mission. Mirabai had her spiritual enlightenment awakening when she was in Goa India, in 1992

Her work is non-denominational, incorporating all the knowledge she has received and that which she has experienced directly from her inner training with the Masters Of Light.

Mirabai’s in person and online programs include spiritual teachings and practices, guided meditation, healing work, devotional singing and the transmission of the Divine Light. She encourages all who come to focus on the light of God within in order to directly experience their own Divine Nature. Her programs and group healings have transformed the lives of millions of people around the world.

Mirabai has produced seven CDs that are streamed on  numerous platforms, of her inspiring talks and guided meditations, in addition to authoring “Samadhi: Essence of the Divine,” a book of short texts and meditations describing her experiences of deep absorption in the Divine.  She is also a frequent guest on podcasts, radio and television programs throughout the globe and speaks at many conferences and festivals on spirituality and Yoga around the US and Globally .

She has Four Global Movements:

  1. The Divine Feminine Movement: where she gives Transmission of Divine Light to Millions around the world.
  2.  The Lightworker Training School – Worldwide and currently Online
  3.  A Power Of Love- Her Online Membership Portal- www.apoweroflove.com
  4. Mirabai Devi Foundation – Community events, fundraisers, Live streams with teachings and Light Transmissions, and a store selling spiritual practice tools and products to support spiritual evolution.