Mirabai Devi

An Interview with Mirabai Devi

The current state of humanity poses many deep challenges, and in this interview Mirabai talks about how we can navigate these difficult times while staying in the Light. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Humanity is going through an awakening period and this process is intense and often involves facing complex and unpleasant circumstances that push us to wake up. The ultimate goal is to move into a more awakened cycle with greater spiritual and political leadership, resulting in a world filled with more light.

To move out of pain and suffering, you cannot internalize it. It’s essential not to internalize the pain and suffering that surround us, no matter what its source. Horrible things are happening in the world, and in communities, businesses, and in some households. 

As humans, we tend to respond to suffering in different ways. You may internalize your emotions, leading to helplessness, despair, or depression, or you may express pain through rage, anger, or volatility.

To stay in the Light, it’s crucial to express emotions and feelings in a healthy way. This involves doing counseling work, inner inquiry, facing personal reactions and judgments, and maintaining awareness of how emotions are expressed, so they don’t harm others.

Here are some common paradigms that we play out in our lives that Mirabai talks about more deeply in her teachings.

Martyr, Victim, and Savior Roles: Mirabai Devi discusses three common roles people can assume in response to suffering. Being a martyr involves taking on other people’s pain at the expense of self-love. Playing the victim means always blaming external factors for life’s difficulties. The savior role involves selflessly helping others to feel a sense of purpose but can prevent addressing deeper issues.

Object Referral vs. Self Referral: Object referral means seeking answers and meaning outside of oneself, while self-referral implies that everything, including answers and meaning, is within the self. The path to self-realization involves shifting from object referral to self-referral consciousness.

Soul’s Journey and Awakening: The soul’s journey involves recognizing and transcending these roles and moving towards self-referral consciousness. Each phase of this journey, including suffering and pain, is essential for personal growth and awakening.

The Importance of Community: Community and support structures are crucial for navigating the challenges and blind spots that individuals may face on their journey. Friends and loved ones can help guide and support us.