Mirabai Devi

Quotes from Mirabai

“The whole Universe is made of love, every atom, every fiber, every cell, it is all a creation of love, created in love, and very few experience this. Those who do, experience who they truly are.”

lotus flower“The Light always works. It’s impossible for the Light not to work… that’s it’s nature.”

“Transform everything with love.”

Lotus“Only when you experience the deepest and most darkest pain can you know the most supreme joy. There in the ugliest most pain-ridden face lies the most precious creator, God… Reveal God in every form.”

Lotus“The more you are able to let go and surrender, the more the Divine can work in your life.  Either you let go, or you hold on and suffer.”


Lotus“Forgiveness is when you realize that you are all just actors.”

“All sickness is due to a lack of love.”

Lotus“God feels compassion for your pain and wants to take your pain.  Your pain does not belong with you; it belongs with God. It has to be offered back and surrendered up.  All that then remains is your Divine nature, which is pure love, compassion, and kindness.”

Photo of Mirabai taken on Haleakala Crater, Maui

Many of the above quotes were taken from Mirabai’s book, Samadhi: Essence of the Divine.

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