Mirabai Devi


The experience of Mirabai Devi and the Light working through her is unique for each person. Many people who meet Mirabai and work with her are touched by a profound sense of love, light, energy, and compassion that she emanates. This Divine energy has been known to inspire deep spiritual recognition within the individual, as well as miraculous healings, blessings and openings of consciousness.

Below are a few short accounts of different people sharing about their experiences of Mirabai Devi and the Divine Light.

Please feel free to share your own, by emailing the Mirabaidevi Foundation.

Peace, Love and Blessings!

Mirabai with Lili from Maui who came to the healing event on crutches, and was healed by the Light from torn ligaments in under 3 minutes.

At the end of the Small Healing Group I felt a large dark ball lift off my chest and heard clearly that this was ‘the upheaval in my life these past 2 years.’ I felt freer, lighter, and more optimistic. And as a bonus I’m sleeping longer and feeling more rested when I wake up.

Thank you.    ~I.B.

I felt the transmission of energy so strongly.  There was a lot of movement in my body, as some of the blocks, the emotions I was holding started clearing.  I . . . saw at the end of our session some repressed expression coming out of my throat during the healing.  


A gentleman in Florida was going to have a private session with Mirabai after he attended her workshop at the Cosmic Center for Spiritual Light.  But days later, his wife wrote, “Greg doesn’t think he needs to meet with Mirabai, as he doesn’t have any pain. This is another true miracle. Greg has been on Vicoden 3x per day for 15 years and has not even suffered withdrawal effects from no need for his pain meds . . . He has two crushed vertebrae and has been in terrible pain for 15 years, even with the Vicoden, and now he doesn’t have pain. Both Greg and I have been blessed by Mirabai’s gifts.  


Greg never expected the healing he received, just as I never expected the healing for my sciatica I had in November that has never come back. It brings me to tears of gratitude just to talk about it. This work is through Divine energy. There is no doubt.

~ Susan Yantorno

I loved our private session together, making our connection on March11/12 via WhatsApp. I enjoyed our conversation and we held a beautiful space together.  My feeling is that the impact from our work together has no bounds. I feel my extra sensory system has expanded and I can sustain an on-going connection… which I cherish and respect so deeply.  I am picking up on energies on my physical body.. all over body chills and hairs on my arms rise …. I feel we opened a channel … as I had disconnected from a very young age… and now I am back …. It feels so familiar…. Like an old friend has returned…. Old but new…. So much to familiarise myself with… it’s quite fun… beautiful and powerful, yet so subtle…. Thank you so very much for working through this layer with me..



The shift in my life has been a release of negativity that was being held onto.  Everything feels more open to flowing with life. 


Abundance is about being open, accepting, and grateful for all that life is and brings. It is not about wanting abundance or wealth, it is just about being in a state of gratitude of all that can be given, and all the infinite possibilities that exist.



I wanted to share my story from my first Mentorship program. I have wanted and prayed for the perfect little home for me, my children and my 3 little dogs.


During the mentorship, you had us picture exactly what we wanted to manifest. I pictured this little Cape Cod home. This little house popped up on my feed on Thursday, and I made an offer. There were 10 other bidders, but my bid won even though it was not the highest. I wrote a letter saying how important the house was to me, and the sellers loved what I said.


It is so perfect for us. I am such a mix of emotions but so thankful and grateful and a little scared, but feeling blessed!! Thank you thank you!! The mentorship program has been such a blessing. I can’t wait to continue with the mini mentorship program. It truly has been the best gift of my life. Many blessings.


Love, Becky

I recently participated in an online Inner Listening retreat with Mirabai which was utterly transformational.

The entire experience was deeply healing, nurturing, uplifting, inspiring and completely life changing.

Mirabai’s presence, energy, wisdom and insight was profound and for me this retreat was beyond words and belief…since then my awareness and connection with my true self and the Divine Light has opened up in ways I could not begin to imagine or describe.


It was a privilege and honour to be able to receive so much personal interaction and loving guidance from Mirabai and I am deeply grateful for the changes, deeper connection and feelings of expansiveness it has created within. I feel immensely humbled, blessed and greatly inspired by her and her work.


So much appreciation and gratitude to the entire Mirabai team for their warmth, love and dedication which made everything possible and so enjoyable for all of us. A deep and heartfelt thank you to you all.

Highly recommend this to everyone..it will change everything.

Gaby. H

I wanted to update you on some changes since the Light Transmission Session last Saturday. I asked for pain relief and general healing for my right leg and hip. I have a neuro-fibroma tumor on the S-1, S-2 nerve root, in the Sacrum area. Since the session I’ve had a definite reduction of the pain I deal with. Where I was taking 4-5 Oxycodone pills per day to supplement my regular 3x per day pain meds, since Saturday I’ve been able to get by on 1, 2, or 3 Oxycodone pills per day. That is, Sun 3, Mon 1, Tues 2, Wed 3.

I’ve been more comfortable and have been able to do some chores around the house and take a short walk on 3 of the 4 days.

Thank you very much!


“I recently completed the Mentorship Program with Mirabai. I came in with a long held intention to be in flow, and this program swiftly brought me there. One poignant example – – I’d been struggling In my relationship with my 30 year old daughter for the past 16 years, and after bringing it to Mirabai’s attention, we became like kittens together, no longer scratching one another in our interactions. I am deeply grateful for this program.


“Mirabai’s Light has become an anchor in my life, and this class especially so.”


~Lisanna Rood

September 17, 2021