Mirabai Devi



 Darshan is the Sanskrit word that means “to have the vision of God.”

During Darshan, you will receive the blessing of the Divine Light, which is transmitted by the Divine Mother through Mirabai. But Darshan is not just a blessing, it is the transmission of the Divine Light into your soul that activates and awakens you to your true divine nature.

The Protocol for Darshan

When you come before Mirabai:

Sit down on the chair in front of her and gaze into Mirabai’s eyes. If you prefer to sit on a cushion on the floor there will be one to the side of the chair. 

Mirabai will begin to transmit light and energy into you at that time. The softer, more relaxed, and open you are during Darshan, the more Light you will be able to receive. 

When the Darshan is complete, Mirabai will lower her head to let you know that your time is complete. Please then stand up and walk to the side and return to your place.

How to Receive Darshan

There is no right or wrong way to receive this blessing. Some feel tingling in their hands or feet, some may feel heat in the body, a wave of bliss, or the urge to laugh or cry. Some may feel very little at all, or a sweet, joyous feeling moving through the body and consciousness. You may feel light-headed, and if you do have trouble getting up someone would assist you. Let whatever comes up for you flow through you and trust that it is removing blocks and negative emotions that no longer serve you.

After a Light transmission, it is recommended that you continue to remain in silence and enter into meditation for at least 20 minutes, allowing yourself to fully absorb the transmission of Light.

Grace happens in the moment when you let go and Surrender to Love...