“We don’t serve humanity. We serve Divinity through humanity.”


Welcome to Lightworker School

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You're not alone…

Many seekers like you are eager to fully embody their spiritual purpose and talents. They seek a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand their journey and can offer nurturing guidance and empowerment. They seek a spiritual teacher and an authentic, qualified guide to support next-level growth.

Seeking profound transformation

Navigating through a vast sea of spiritual teachings and practices can be overwhelming. What you need is a clear, structured path guided by a spiritual master who channels Divine Feminine Light. Experience growth within a loving community that resonates with your journey.

You’re in the right place

You're ready to embark on a profound spiritual journey. As you evolve, you may find it challenging to express your unique gifts amidst the chaos of everyday life. You yearn for a spiritual sanctuary where practices like meditation and energy work resonate deeply, offering peace and alignment. A place where you can gain understanding of your own inner experiences.

In a world often fraught with turmoil and disconnection, you seek guidance to overcome challenges. You aspire to deepen your spiritual ascension, forge a deeper connection with your Higher Self, and radiate Light and loving consciousness into your life and beyond.

Welcome to The Lightworker School

Here, you'll discover the nurturing community, comprehensive guidance, and profound spiritual growth you've been seeking. Led by Mirabai Devi, a spiritual master who channels the Divine Feminine, our program is designed to help you awaken your inner Light and fulfill your spiritual purpose.

Our unique program philosophy

Mirabai's teachings emphasize the transformational power of spiritual practice and self-realization. Through Divine Feminine Light transmission, participants engage in profound self-inquiry and inner healing, empowering them to transcend karmic patterns and awaken their true potential.

What you can expect

Our structured program is tailored to accelerate your spiritual evolution and quantum healing journey.

Each month, you'll participate in live teleconferences led by experienced Lightworkers, delve into themed online curriculum modules enriched with teachings and supportive materials, and access a library of spiritual practices, meditations, and Light transmissions.

As part of our community, you'll also enjoy two special retreat days—available both in person and via Zoom—guided by Mirabai to deepen your abilities and accelerate your growth during this highly transformative time of ascension in your life.

Join us for a transformational journey

Experience 12 months of live and recorded content designed to expand your spiritual awareness and connection to Divine Feminine Light and Conscious Community.

Monthly Modules for Lightworker Training

The Lightworker training program consists of 12 monthly themed modules designed to guide you through personal growth and service as a Lightworker. Each module provides foundational knowledge, practical techniques, and spiritual insights to support your journey. This is a highly transformative program with a spiritual master where you’ll be working directly in and with the Light. You’ll receive Light transmissions and guidance to work with each topic area from new levels of conscious awareness.


Introduction to Light Work

Dive into the definition of Lightwork and explore the role of a Lightworker. Discover the two aspects of Lightwork: personal growth and service. Receive foundational preparation and learn what to expect when you invite and intend growth with a spiritual master teacher — and when you work directly with the Light.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the energy centers known as chakras and their significance. Explore nadis (energy channels) and their role in spiritual anatomy, and get an overview of different levels of bodies: etheric, astral, and causal. You’ll learn how to powerful mantra formulas to work with mind, body, and spiritual anatomy.

Learn the importance of forgiveness in spiritual growth and healing through forgiveness. Gain a true understanding and use forgiveness technology to release past hurts and neutralize reactivity. You’ll learn about lineage work and how to pave the way for a better future.

Understand why protection and clearing practices are necessary in Lightwork and in life. Discover methods for energetic protection and self-clearing, and learn to create a safe and energetically-cleared space.

Understand why protection and clearing practices are necessary in Lightwork and in life. Discover methods for energetic protection and self-clearing, and learn to create a safe and energetically-cleared space.

Cultivate and practice the ability to observe without merging with emotions or thoughts. Learn to work with overwhelm and reactivity through detached inner observation as a precursor to emotional processing.

Learn the art and importance of Sankalpa — intention setting from your heart’s will — and understand how manifestation truly works. Learn the role of intention in Lightworker training and how to infuse your desires in the Light.

Learn to connect with Light beings, angels, devas, and nature spirits. Honor deities and their embodied energy within you through invocation and gratitude practices.

Understand the influence of family and lineage karma. Learn techniques for releasing and healing ancestral patterns and nurturing relationships past, present, and future.

Discover your service as a Lightworker and understand your purpose and mission in the context of spiritual laws. Align with your soul's calling and passions, and uncover what makes a contribution meaningful to you.

Understand what the Higher Self is and how to directly connect and align. Learn to intuitively trust and surrender to your Higher Self.

Deepen your understanding of Samadhi as a state of expanded awareness. Explore different forms of Samadhi experiences, cultivate Samadhi, and integrate expanded awareness into daily life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lightworker?

A Lightworker is someone who consciously works with spiritual energy and aims to bring healing, love, and neutrality to individuals and the world. They often serve as guides, healers, teachers, and catalysts for growth and transformation. Lightworkers work in many roles.

Lightworker training involves a structured program designed to help individuals develop their spiritual gifts, enhance their intuitive abilities, and deepen their connection to higher consciousness. It includes teachings on awareness, energy healing, meditation practices, spiritual principles, and personal growth techniques, to name a few. The school provides tools and practices for clearing and protection, expansion, and manifestation.

Lightworkers use their heightened intuitive abilities and spiritual practices to elevate the collective consciousness, helping to heal and illuminate the lives of those around them. They serve as guides, healers, teachers, and catalysts for growth and transformation. Through their own inner connection to Light and loving consciousness, they aim to foster connection and harmony, and inspire and empower others.

This program stands out because it actively engages participants in receiving Divine Feminine Light transmissions and working with frequencies of Light directly. Mirabai provides Light Transmissions throughout the program as a vehicle for clearing, growth, and transformation. Participants learn to infuse every aspect of life with consciousness and illumination as a life-long spiritual practice.

The Lightworker School provides a step-by-step process beginning with personal growth. We thoughtfully and skillfully guide you through a process to prepare you for your Lightworker journey.

In a year, you could experience profound spiritual growth, a deeper connection to your Higher Self, and the ability to bring more Light and love into your life and those around you. You'll be equipped with knowledge and practices to live more intentionally. And you’ll experience the meaning of embodied empowerment. This is generally accompanied by a greater sense of confidence and resiliency.

Please reflect thoughtfully on whether this is the right fit for you, as it is a non-refundable investment and a long-term commitment. This is your chance to embark on a journey of transformation and service to the world. Because of this, it’s essential to experience Mirabai’s work prior to making this commitment.

How much of a time commitment will I need to make?

The program requires a monthly commitment to live teleconferences, engaging with the online curriculum, and participating in community activities. The exact time commitment will vary, but you should be prepared to dedicate attention each week to your spiritual practices and studies.

You will have access to the resources and recordings for the duration of the program’s existence.

Mirabai offers 1:1 sessions during the program, but availability and additional costs apply and should be confirmed directly with the program coordinators.

The Lightworker School provides a step-by-step process beginning with personal growth. We thoughtfully and skillfully guide you through a process to prepare you for your Lightworker journey.

Scholarships applications are available for those who need financial assistance. The Lightworker School offers two scholarships per “class.” Please inquire directly with the program coordinators for an application.

We offer responsive and responsible training designed to help you live intentionally, from a place of neutrality and love. Break free from old paradigms, heal ancestral patterns, and embrace your gifts to create positive change in your life and for others. This is a robust training with a spiritual master in a supportive conscious community.

Your soul has led you here for a reason. Lightworker School offers the nurturing environment, empowerment, and community you need to fulfill your spiritual calling and illuminate the world with your Light.


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Lightworker Training Application

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If you have not yet experienced working with Mirabai Devi in a private one-on-one session, you will need to do that first before applying to join the Lightworker Training. To schedule a private session- to be done by phone, zoom, or in person. Please call the Mirabai Devi Foundation office at 760-216-1029 (US West Coast time).

If you have already experienced the intensity of private work with Mirabai and feel called to apply to join her Lightworker Training, please answer the questions below. Questions in bold are required fields. After submitting your application form, you will be contacted to arrange a brief follow-up interview by phone. Please keep in mind that due to interest in the Lightworker Training, it may take us several weeks to get back to you. If you do not hear back from anyone in three weeks, please call the office at 760-216-1029 to let us know!

We look forward to speaking with you! Namaste!

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