Mirabai Devi

Kundalini Care

What is Kundalini Care?

Kundalini is the spiritual power that resides within all people at the base of the spine and is often represented as a tightly coiled serpent. 

The male and female currents that go up the spine are called the Ida and Pingala.


Kundalini Shakti is the Divine presence that illuminates us from within, letting our Spirit guide us and reveals the force of Divine Power within us that is responsible for us incarnating in human form. The Kundalini Shakti drives our lives! 


It is referred to as the Spirit within that inspires and guides you to full spiritual realization. The whole point of the Kundalini is to take you to the highest point of spiritual awakening.  Kundalini Shakti remains tightly coiled at the base of the spine, regulating the bodily functions, moving through the chakras, and thereby erasing deep seated karmas held in each of the chakras by bringing the karmic issues to the surface so they can be released.


Oftentimes, however, we need a Master guide to help us move through blocks and obstacles, conditions and patterns, that prevent the movement and flow through all the chakras from the root to the top of the head.


The awakening can often occur by doing spiritual practices or through spiritual activation from a Master. The release of karmic residue and the jolts of energy going up through the spinal column, the meridians and chakras is often called a Kundalini awakening or Kundalini rising. It can produce a profound transformation of consciousness and new levels of awakening. 

Why Do You Need Kundalini Care and how do you know if you do?

If you feel or sense unusual symptoms that are related to sudden expansion of consciousness and strange bodily symptoms that arise from doing frequent meditation practices, like dizziness, headaches, shaking or jerking, strong emotional reactions, rapid breathing, sneezing and yawning during or after meditation, or uncontrollable longing for God bringing about sobbing, pining, lack of desire for living, these are all indications that you could benefit from kundalini care.


The purpose and practice of Kundalini care is for you to work through the spiritual causes of the intense physical and emotional sensations to bring you into a state of deeper physical, mental, and emotional balance and opens the pathway to kundalini awakening or rising wherever it is blocking. It is the effect of the kundalini hitting the blocks that causes the unpleasant physical and emotional sensations. The blocks are in the meridians and in the organs, and they have to do with past memories and karma that need to be released. Our Akashic records of all of our lifetimes are stored in the mitochondria of all of our cells as well as in our chakras and meridians. That is why when the kundalini lights them up, so much comes up – from childhood illnesses, old diseases, bodily rashes, past suffering – so much gets activated!


The effects of a Kundalini rising on individual consciousness are varied and differ from person to person, depending on each person’s personality, karmic history, physical constitution, etc. Sometimes people can experience complications during a Kundalini rising that can feel dramatic, painful, confusing, and/or supernatural and may require special, spiritual care. 

Doing Kundalini Care with Mirabai Devi will help you to develop and establish higher states of consciousness, which will bring you into a stable connection with The Power of The Divine or the Divine Shakti. 

Mirabai Devi offers support, help, intuitive readings, removal of blockages, expansion of consciousness, Lightwork, energy work and Light Transmissions to help individuals undergoing the awakening of their Kundalini or for individuals who are having difficulty with the process. She is available to support you through any difficulties that may arise over the course of this sometimes bewildering process.


Mirabai guides you through the process of Kundalini activation with skill and loving attention. She provides the spiritual guidance necessary to comfortably advance you through the various stages of a Kundalini awakening. She may also provide spiritual practices, to work through it, like mantras, prayers, affirmations,guided visualizations etc.


You may experience:


  • The kundalini quickening
  • You may need help to move obstacles and slow it down, in order for it to progress safely
  • You may have too many symptoms at once and need to slow them down or make sense of them and clear them.
  • You may need Light Transmission to help guide the kundalini through its sticking points which can be painful or even uncomfortable. 
  • You may need to cry or laugh or grieve or release anger or other things as lots of painful karma and emotions can be released in the process of the kundalini working its way through the samskaras or karmic patterns.
  • You may need someone who understands and gets it to talk through it with, in order to not feel so alone in the process.

Kundalini Care Retreat

A six session program of guidance, direction, lightwork, energy~ work, chakra clearing and lots of fun and ecstasy in the Divine Mystery. This is a seven-hour program in six sessions

Session #1 One hour-


Session #2 One hour-


Session #3  An hour and a half-


Session #4  One hour –


Session #5   One hour and a half –


Session #6   One hour –




Individual Kundalini Care Session:   


One hour and a half  = $530