Mirabai Devi

About Mirabai: Biography

Mirabai Devi is a new paradigm spiritual teacher. Her teachings emphasize the importance of spiritual practice for self-realization, combined with a commitment to personal growth. She recognizes the importance of people working through their patterns and issues by means of self-reflection with the aim of becoming impeccable. As a conduit for the Divine Feminine, Mirabai’s approach is receptive and inclusive, rather than dogmatic. She favors interaction, rather than hierarchy.

Through contact with Mirabai lives change. People who attend Darshan, group healings and personal sessions report they are happier, more empowered, their bodies are more healed, and they feel the power of the Light. For others Mirabai’s work, combined with Divine Grace and the spiritual practices she suggests, moves them out of their own personal darkness into Light. They feel immeasurably grateful, and their lives become more drama-free.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 9th, 1970, Mirabai Devi grew up in a Judeo-Christian household. At age three she began to experience spontaneous visitations from Divine Masters and Light Beings, specifically coming to comfort, awaken, and activate her to her life’s purpose. Every night throughout her early childhood she traveled astrally to other countries, planets and galaxies. She launched herself from a place on her family’s roof and wondered why no one could see her or her flights. Later she understood that she was invisible and not in her physical body. She found herself working on souls in different dimensions who were suffering and needed help and who very often received her help gratefully, although they could sometimes not see her, because she was mostly not visible to them.

In kindergarten Mirabai shared with other children that she was ancient and could fly and tried showing her friends that she wasn’t pretending, but soon learned that she was limited in her physical body. At age seven when her formal schooling started, she shut herself off from receiving visits from the Light. For the next several years she focused on school, graduated and enrolled in a dramatic arts program at the University of Witswatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. She attempted to live an ordinary life. But during college she began experiencing spontaneous states of agony and ecstasy. She swung from feeling the whole world’s suffering and pain to being unified with God. Astral projection began again, and she frequently lifted and hovered over her body at night, hearing angelic choirs singing and being surrounded by luminous rainbows of light. She spoke to no one about what was happening.

At nineteen she entered a period of suicidal depression. Completely closed off from the world, she stopped speaking, except for essential communication. The disparity between the back-stabbing, competitive and jealous students in the drama department and what was emerging in her as the beginning states of Samadhi and hearing the Light speaking to her directly, caused her to turn inward and stop reading books and scriptures so she could receive direct dictation from the Divine Light. Her oldest brother, a doctor, diagnosed nervous breakdown. Mirabai decided to leave the dysfunctional setting of drama school in her third year. She never finished college. Instead she left for India to find a guru to help her develop her Samadhi (higher states of consciousness).

For more than a year she traveled through Europe and the Middle East, visiting various religious leaders, spiritual teachers and healers. At the same time she was receiving teachings directly from Spirit. Overflowing with love and ecstasy, spontaneous poetry arose within her, and she lived in a state of bliss. The love was so all-consuming that it spilled over onto everything she came in contact with. Mirabai describes this as “the dam walls of my heart burst open and the waters of Divine Love flooded through my entire being. Everywhere was this ecstatic love. I was bursting with such immense love, I could not contain it.” As Mirabai began speaking with the power and authority of the Light speaking through her, everywhere she went spreading divine love, the love grew, and people responded to it.

Living at the time in Europe, she had a dream that guided her to an avatar’s ashram in India. There Mirabai finally fully gave over her life to enlightenment and to God. Her only desires were to have God appear to her and to merge with God.

After six weeks at the ashram she was again guided to travel to Goa, India. There, on the beach, consumed with longing for God, she climbed up on a rock facing the ocean and lay down. She cried out to God, “If I don’t see You, Lord, then I’m going to stay here on this rock and die. There is nothing left for me to live for until You reveal Yourself to me.”

Then she heard a small voice say, “Get up and go back to your cabin.”

When she went inside, she was hit with a bolt of spiritual Light, which knocked her over backwards. For the next eight hours she laughed and cried. She was one with God, one with the universal Self. This state lasted for eight weeks. During this time she was barely able to function in the material world. When she reached for food, she was the food and the reaching hand, the table top, the plate. There was no individual self located anywhere in time or space. Mirabai was located into everything. In her words, “I was every grain of sand, every leaf of grass.” During these eight weeks she was given the gift of spontaneous healing. The force of God came through her and instantaneously took away peoples’ suffering, illness and pain. During this time she had a near death experience which she describes as dying and going home to the Light. She was shown her life purpose to help teach humanity to realize God and came back to live this purpose.

Nonetheless, at the same time, Mirabai felt that she had gone insane. She was incapable of having a normal human conversation. Everything was made out of light. She could no longer see the world through the framework of separation. In order to integrate back into society, she had to pass through a fear initiation. She was presented with an army of human fears and had to walk through each one. Passing through fear brought her back into the world. She made two more quick stops in India and left for South Africa, where she was received back into her family.

At that point as a practitioner of spontaneous healing, she was afraid of either being locked up in a mental institution or in a prison. She was twenty-two at the time and afraid of how to handle peoples’ responses to the amazing miracles that where happening through her gift of spontaneous healing. So she prayed for the gift of healing to be taken from her. Once it was successfully removed, she went on to study many healing and holistic modalities. Although she had many techniques, she no longer had God’s power and felt bereft. Since she had shut down her gift of spontaneous healing after her return from India, it took the meeting of another avatar in the West in 1995 for the original Samadhi state to return. For four years after India she saw all form as vibrating white light.

During the same time, back in South Africa Mirabai had established her own healing and meditation center called The Center of Light where she had begun teaching workshops and taking individuals for private sessions. She traveled throughout South Africa, teaching in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and was frequently in the media. She was forced to give this up when in 1998 through several dreams, visions and direct information from her inner voice, she was guided to come to North America to begin her mission of raising world consciousness and doing healing work with groups and communities around the continent. Following the wisdom of her inner voice, she went to Sante Fe, New Mexico to a shaman’s spiritual community, and there she met people who invited her to their cities to give spiritual teachings all over the United States.

During the first few months that she lived in community, she was in a vision quest internal retreat. She received rewiring for her mission in the United States. She was shown how to work with the Light and the Light Beings to begin her spiritual work.

She was trained by different avatars since 1990, both telepathically and in dream states, in how to transmit Divine Light through Darshan. Since birth,the Light has been Mirabai’s teacher. She goes directly to the Light for teachings and guidance. At the same time, she recommends and promotes the work of two contemporary teachers, who have really supported her in her work.
For mantra instruction she suggests Namadeva at sanskritmantra.com.
For Forgiveness Prayers and Peacemaking she suggests Howard Wills at howardwills.com.

Mirabai credits Howard Wills for helping her get back the gift of spontaneous healing and the direct understanding of how to maintain that gift without fear of others peoples’ judgment. He encouraged and mentored her to develop her full potential for using spontaneous healing to help other people with difficult ailments and challenges. This work with Howard Wills led Mirabai to live in the community of Kauai, Hawaii, where she currently resides.

Mirabai’s teaching has continued to expand. Initially traveling from 1987 to 2002 between the United States and South Africa, she began by 1998 to establish centers, groups and communities wherever she went. Her work also branched out to include India, South and Central America, Europe, Australia and Canada. In her absence groups continued to gather for spiritual practice all over the world. In 2002 she opened informal centers in peoples homes and hearts all over the United States.

In 2003 she became exclusively based in the United States. In December, 2008 she finally realized her four-year dream of living in Kauai, Hawaii. Since then she has focused on bringing more groups, retreats and individuals to Kauai, so they can enjoy the healing benefits of this deeply mystical island.

At present the nature of Mirabai’s work has expanded to include a stronger emphasis on group and individual healing through the transmission of Divine Light, forgiveness and prayer.

Mirabai’s sessions are tailored to the individual to address where they are at a particular time and to help them remove obstacles to spiritual enlightenment. She works with a person’s health issues through prayer and transmission of the Light. Applying her gift of sight, she may look at the cause of an illness, determine its lesson and clear it. For emotional and mental blocks, crystallized thought forms and addictions, she uses and assigns specific prayers and mantras.

During a session Mirabai may teach prayers and mantras, offer counsel, transmit Light or give Darshan. She assists in the speeding up or reducing of karma to promote the resolution of issues and illness.

She has a Lightworker Training School with branches in many cities in the United States to help activate and mentor individuals who have a calling to serve the planet in a larger capacity and who want to complete their own life lessons.

Biography written from an interview by Mara Bright.