Mirabai Devi

Interview with Mirabai Devi  
December 2017

Family and Lineage karmic effects can be found not only as imprints in one’s personality  traits, belief systems, or lifestyles, but also in one’s mental, emotional and physical  bodies. Repetitive generational examples include limited beliefs and habits; emotional,  physical, sexual, or financial trauma; and ways of thinking or acting which are not in the  highest good of all involved.  

Manifestations of karma also include negative thought patterns and carrying negative  emotional patterns, poor communication with others, poor relationship choices,  unsuccessful career choices, continual struggles in finances, coming from lack and  more.  

Why do people feel they need to clear their family and lineage karma and why is cleansing our family so important?  The purpose for cleansing this is because we carry the burdens, patterns, and programs  of our family. All of these patterns and programs restrict us so that we feel the way our  lineage felt, we act the way they acted, and we live out our lives unconsciously because  of our programs. But if we cleanse them then we have a clean slate with which to form  our own identity to experience life and the Divine Light.  

When I work with clients on family and lineage karms, overall relationships tend to get better and clear up within the family. Interactions between family members get better –  between siblings, parents, children, and the whole family. Burdens that have been carried for other members of the family are released and the load becomes lighter for everyone. Health improves, relationships heal and become lighter, finances  increase, and the entire family feels more freedom.  

For example, I had a client who had a very judgmental mother and who judged my client’s spirituality and her yogic path. It went against her mother’s practice and beliefs. After doing the  family and lineage cleansing teleconference series her mother had an incredible shift and began to study yoga. She soon became a yoga teacher, started attending regular kirtan events and even went to Kripalu. It was a total and complete transformation.  

Many people experience, after doing family and lineage cleansing prayers, that rifts in  the family get healed and family members who have not been speaking to one another  suddenly reach out and contact them and some form of relationship resumes. This is a  common occurrence.  

In doing family and lineage cleansing with people, sometimes my client’s deceased relatives or ancestors will appear. It could be a grandparent or great-grandparent and  sometimes several of them will appear, and since they may have been deceased prior  to my client’s birth it will be the first time he or she will get to see them.  

When relatives from the other side appear, the messages they tend to offer are related to comfort, reassurance and to let go of regrets from the past. Sometimes they come to  support and help, and sometimes they need support and help as well. But mostly  they’ve moved on and are in a better place and they’ve come to help and support in the  healing process.  

Sometimes they have messages or information that helps my client to understand where he or she has learned or accumulated certain patterns, interests, addictions or  behaviors as these things pass fluidly through the lineage and are passed on to the next  generation.  

Some people want family karma to get cleared quickly, as in within the scope of one session. Family clearing does not happen so quickly because the lineage goes across generations, across time. The patterns run deep  and need to be cleansed on a daily basis. The more we do prayers of Forgiveness and cleanse our  lineage with forgiveness, the lighter and clearer it becomes.  The healing is occurring within the family members or ancestors In any form, one does not have to be in a physical body in order to heal healing as a universal principle that crosses all timelines and dimensions and worlds.

That is why one needs to do a spiritual practice to clear their family. The Forgiveness Prayers by Howard Wills are very helpful in this regard. And praying for one’s family members helps a tremendous amount along with bringing the lineage into the Light. Redemption for the lineage comes when we cleanse the lineage, it also brings freedom from pain and suffering to the individual who cleanses them.

The Forgiveness Prayers by Howard Wills for cleansing family and lineage karma can be found on the links page of our website. Also I recommend talking to your ancestors and saying prayers for them. And always talking to the Divine and asking the Divine to help you and your family lineage.  

You can support your efforts by finding out more about your family tree, find out about your genetics and where you come from. Learn the stories of your grandparents and great-grandparents lives. Hear about  their stories, light a candle for them, get photos of your lineage, make a family altar, and ask the Light to Always protect and guide them.