Mirabai Devi

Interview with Mirabai Devi 
August 2018

Financial burdens affect us emotionally, mentally and physically which  impacts every area of our well-being.  

We are affected emotionally because financial burdens usually induce worry, fear, stress and feelings of being trapped or hopeless. It causes depression, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, and insecurity. 

We can become blocked from moving forward in our lives, letting our despair cloud our prospects for freedom, ease and peace of mind. Not surprisingly, this emotional state can start to affect our personal relationships. 

When we are stressed over financial burdens, it starts to weaken the immune system, causing us to be more readily susceptible to illness and dis-ease. What this means is that in the short-term we can be faced with ailments such as colds, fungus, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. In the long-term, we can be faced with more serious diseases such as auto-immune diseases that are a result of the breakdown of our system over time, as often occurs as a result of chronic stress.    

Lower-back strain and pain, for example, can be a manifestation of our financial burdens. Lower-back pain and strain can also be from unresolved sexual issues in our relationships.

Not only do you suffer from the stress, but you are often not in a place to turn inward toward your inner guidance to change the situation. You may not create the breathing space to successfully do daily spiritual practices, for example, and allow yourself to get calm enough to start devising creative solutions. When you get caught in survival mode,  you see little or no time to focus on what is spiritually important.

The deeper root causes of financial burdens therefore do not get fully addressed. Many causes can be traced back to the root once you start exploring and seeking answers, ranging from your personal beliefs (money is bad, rich people are corrupt), family conditioning, and family lineage. 

Your lineage karma is specifically coming from belief systems  passed down through your family lineage. An example of this is if poverty is part of  the spiritual path and that you need to be poor in order to be spiritual. If you have been exposed to this foundational belief, then it is more than likely that you will manifest this in your life.  Or, if your parents teach you  that you have to struggle a tremendous amount in order to be successful  and abundant, then you will most likely play this out until you are able to  break this cycle. 

The deeper truth is that lack and limitation is a shortfall of the ego nature that doesn’t remember who it is in its Divine essence of entirety. The ego has forgotten and therefore is limited in its ability to access the full spectrum of vast Divine nature and vast Divine consciousness. In its limited perspective, the ego doesn’t perceive its Divine inheritance and nature. You will continue to experience lack and limitation because the ego has lost its perspective and does not remember that we are these vast omni-present, omni-conscious and all-pervasive beings. 

The nature of the Soul is a manifestation, a part of the omni-present, all pervading totality of Self. From this perspective, everything is contained  within us. The entire Universe and all of Its parts are contained within us.  Since we live in an abundant Universe, abundance on all levels is our Divine birthright.

Everything in the Universe is our Divine Birthright and is a manifestation of our Self. It is the opposite of greed and selfish gain. The soul knows that  everything is a part of us and therefore does not need to own it, possess it,  control it or fight over it because everything is already contained in the  Soul. It doesn’t need to gain anything because it already Is everything. This concept is common within indigenous cultures across the globe.  

Trust is something that we allow ourselves to receive from the Divine by  opening to receive it. If we are open to receiving it then we can catch and  receive the gift from the Divine. Once we receive it, the more it will come. The more we allow it to manifest, the more it will manifest. Then we get to practice it, we can pray for Trust, deepen our Trust and our ability to Trust in the Divine on our path. 

Even if you have spent years with self-help books and manifestation processes,  you may continue to hit road blocks or you may still experience the cycle of lack and limitation without getting beyond it. If you feel that this is your experience, you can, with spiritual work that include specific practices, and learning more deeply about your patterns, move beyond this. This is not to say that you will never experience cycles of abundance and lack, but rather you will not be blocked and limited by the experience of lack.