Working With The Angelic Realms Class




Have you always wanted to know more about Angels? Have you wanted to know who they are, why they are here, how they can help us? And most importantly, how you can connect and work with them


About This Course:  Anyone can work with their Angels and Light Beings. You just need to learn to connect with them, learn how to welcome them in, how to understand and relate with them and  deepen your connection with them.


There are many different ideas, however, about what they are and what they do for us. Some people believe that they’re far away, existing only in heaven. Others believe they come and go in our lives when we need them. Still others feel that they’re by our side night and day. 


The truth is your angels are with you every moment and never leave your side. We have a guardian angel that’s always with us, and there are higher angels and other helpful angels that come to us when we need their help. All you have to do is tune in, learn to listen, and connect with your angels.


This course will teach you how to meet and work with your team of Light Beings, how to call upon them when you need protection, help, and healing, and allow them to support you during difficult times in your life. Open into the messages they offer you. 

Four modules delivered in four sessions. 


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