Self-Love Activation Teleconference Call



“Self Love is self-acceptance at the deepest spiritual level. It carries no negative thoughts or words towards ourselves.”


In those moments when you are feeling abandoned, rejected, criticized, or judged, are you able to stop looking at the outer reflections that others have put on you and dive deeper into your truth by asking yourself, “how does this affect me? How does that comment affect my relationship with myself? How can I give to myself and be the most loving to myself that I can possibly be, not abandon myself, not reject myself, not criticize myself, so that I can focus on how lovable I feel towards myself, no matter what anybody else thinks about me or feels about me. 

Love is the primary experience of feeling connected to yourself as your own best friend. If you are always there for you, reminding yourself and taking yourself back home into your own lovability, as a supportive presence in your life, then you automatically are going to be able to move into the mindset of “I am lovable in this moment even if no one else thinks I am. So how can I best take care of myself? How can I best support myself? How can I best ground myself?”  This program walks you through how to do this!


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