Finding Meaning In Your Life Teleconference Call



The Soul incarnates into our body with a very specific set of clearly defined reasons both to work off and burn off karma from other timelines which means previous lives or dimensions that we have inhabited over thousands of years.Remember that the soul is infinite and ageless, it has no beginning and no end and our life journey is to find we express so we may manifest our gifts.

If we don’t fulfill the expression of our individual incarnation and manifest these gifts, then we will need to come back and do that in a future incarnation.
There will always be a sense that our current incarnation has been wasted, as we have never fully attained our purpose and gained that sense meaning in our life.
This is a 1.5-hour teleconference call with Mirabai Devi where you will receive a blessing, a teaching and the ways to find meaning in your life, a Group Light Transmission, and an individual Light Transmission.


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