Awakening and Ascension Program With Mirabai Devi




This is a foundational program for advanced-level soul work for the purpose of ascension into higher consciousness. The program goes in-depth with teachings, practices, techniques, Light Transmissions, and will involve one-on-one work for advancing awareness and conscious awakening.  


This program supports awakening  at all levels. In six intensive modules, you will discover how to activate the Higher heart, how to access the deep inner knowing that enables you to focus on something and manifest it, how to breathe into awareness  and live more consciously. 


You will learn how you can speak your truth freely and with Love, express your deepest desires, and stay steady on your path of awakening as you embody your Higher Self. 


This program provides the blueprint or the roadmap for how to attain higher consciousness, how to expand awareness, and what to direct your attention to on a daily basis. Each class builds upon the last for an expansive experience and includes:


  • Spiritual Blessings from Mirabai
  • Teachings, exercises, and daily Practices,
  • Learn the mechanics and benefits of the Practices and techniques to awakening, why and how they work.
  • Individual training with each person to learn practices 
  • Sanskrit Mantras,
  • Forgiveness Prayers, 
  • Freedom, sovereignty and other affirmations
  • Energy work, lightwork
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Group Cleansing 
  • Group Light Transmissions
  • Individual Light Transmissions 
  • Q and A
  • Group Sharing and Community Building


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