Mirabai Devi

Private Sessions

Mirabai works with individuals every day in a one on one format of a Private Session, to open them to love, health, bliss, joy, healing & freedom from suffering and pain.

In person, over the phone, WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom and Skype Private Sessions are offered for full hour or 45 minute time slots. Phone and Video sessions can be just as powerful as in person, yet they are somewhat different, but still intimate and effective.

Mirabai works outside of time and space; so her ability to put vision on you, do healing work with you and transmit Light to you transcends all boundaries of time and space.

Private sessions are a one-on-one opportunity for addressing deeper issues that are hidden beneath the surface and need to come up to be healed, witnessed and released.

Sessions are a perfect way for you to connect with Mirabai if you have been feeling a need for spiritual guidance and support or are struggling with any physical, mental, emotional health or spiritual challenge. Mirabai works with the Divine Light to overlight your process and brings the power to transmute through Divine Grace. 

Together you will address issues like spiritual awakening, relationships, finances and health challenges or  whatever is coming up for you.

Private Sessions give you the opportunity to receive concentrated healing work on personal issues Mirabai works with individuals every day to open them to love, health, bliss, joy, & healing.

During a private, one-on-one session, Mirabai will perceive your needs for healing as well as address any issues you bring to her. Through the combination of you sharing with her about what’s going on for you and her giving you an intuitive reading, she can address your core issues.

During this time, Mirabai will channel the Divine Light to work on these needs directly, and further open you to pathways of permanent transformation.

The session may include a combination of Lightwork, energy work, soul and etheric readings, past life and lineage clearing, soul retrieval, Divine guidance, interdimensional communication, prayers, Light Transmissions, and more. From there she can focus on helping you to release the blockages and healing the stuck places that have kept you in limitation.

Mirabai uses a combination of the following healing modalities in her private sessions:

Personal Process Work:This includes working on improving your health, relationships, finances/ abundance, spiritual awakening, life purpose, kundalini awakening, self realization and Samadhi to name a few. During your private session, Mirabai will do a combination of spiritual readings and Lightwork on you during your time.

Spiritual Reading: During a reading Mirabai puts vision on you, shares with you what she sees that is blocking you and maps out what needs to be worked on. Mirabai’s Spiritual Intuitive Work will focus on putting vision on you and your interpersonal and/or situational dynamics and uncover unseen or hidden information. Additionally she will tune into information given from her guides and inner voice. This will help you to learn your Life lessons and know how to proceed with your inner work.

Lightwork: Mirabai will assess what you need and use specific tools to support you. This may include dissolving blockages, cutting cords, working with light beings, clearing negative energy, opening the heart and activating the chakras, opening portals, landing spaces of lights, past life regression, soul retrieval, illumination and light transmission, mantras and forgiveness prayers. Mirabai will also work with etheric gels that clear negative energy memories, hurt or trauma.

Energy Work: Includes cutting cords, clearing & activating chakras, removing blockages, and clearing Samskaras, patterns and stuck or frozen places, inner child work, opening the heart, clearing negative energy, removing entities, communication with souls on the other side, helping souls cross over to the other side, inter-dimensional travel to access knowledge or for soul communication, past life regression and soul retrieval.

Light Transmission: Mirabai will channel the Divine Light to work on your needs directly, and further open you to pathways of permanent transformation and healing.

You can lightly hold a specific intention or focus when she is in prayer/Light transmission for you. But most centrally your job is to soften, be still, and allow yourself to open to receive the Grace that is being offered to you, with humility and gratitude. Sometimes she will ask you to pray out loud with her, following specific words that she dictates to you. When she is done, Mirabai may give you some time in silence to integrate the transmission of Light, before speaking again with you. 

You may experience many different things when the Light is working on you. You may experience sensations in your body such as heat or tingling, or see images or light. Emotions from your past may present themselves for your awareness, love and release. You also may experience none of these things. Your experience is yours alone and it is exactly right for you.

Sometimes people do not experience much during the session but then notice that things may feel lighter, or different afterwards. Again, there is no one correct way.

Spiritual Practices: Some examples of some practices that Mirabai may offer the participants include mantras, forgiveness prayers, affirmations, guided visualizations, breath work, journaling and self inquiry.

During A Private Session You May Experience:

During a private session you may experience tingling in your hands and feet, mind expansion, heart opening, rapid transformation, tears and even sometimes a flood of relief and release as you move into self-forgiveness and begin to let go of burdens and pain, that you have been carrying. 

After A Private Session You May Experience:

After a session there may be some homework & Spiritual practices given, including prayers, visualization and other simple, effective tools for self healing, and more. Doing Daily practices are vital in removing karmic patterns and family lineage belief systems which are at the root cause of an illness or issue. 

After a session you may experience an elevation, in your vibrational frequency, which then ultimately deepens and improves your relationship with yourself through gaining greater self love and self worth. 

You will receive wisdom, relief, guidance, healing, and a pathway forward from unresolved issues, which will give you direction on how to move forward in your Life.

A private session gives you the powerful opportunity to:

  • Spend an extended period of individual time with Mirabai.
  •  Ask specific questions 
  • Receive personal mantras, affirmations and prayers. 
  • Ask for or receive spiritual teachings.
  • Be given a personal meditation practice for your individual path and spiritual growth.
  • Receive transmission of Divine Light.


If you have already attended public in person or online teleconferences or programs with Mirabai, this will give you an opportunity to clarify and strengthen your experience. Mirabai can do deeper work with you to both map out what the steps are for your healing, as well as begin the process of your healing work. If this is your first time meeting Mirabai, her work with you will help to empower you, solve problems in your life, heal health challenges and show you the cause of illness, pain, issues or blockages.

To schedule a private session with Mirabai, In person, over the phone, WhatsApp, Facetime, Zoom or Skype 

To Book For a full hour or a 45 minute time slot

Please call or text 760-216-1029 or email us at info@mirabaidevi.org and we will be happy to help you. 

If you live outside of the United States, please contact us via email at info@mirabaidevi.org.