Mirabai Devi

Light Transmissions

Mirabai channels the Divine Light to work on your needs directly, and further open you to pathways of permanent transformation and healing.

You can lightly hold a specific intention or focus when she is in prayer/Light transmission for you. But most centrally your job is to soften , be still, and allow yourself to open to receive the Grace that is being offered to you, with humility and gratitude. Sometimes she will ask you to pray out loud with her, following specific words that she dictates to you. When she is done, Mirabai may give you some time in silence to integrate the transmission of Light, before speaking again with you.

You may experience many different things when the Light is working on you. You may experience sensations in your body such as heat or tingling, or see images or light. Emotions from your past may present themselves for your awareness, love and release. You also may experience none of these things. Your experience is yours alone and it is exactly right for you.

Sometimes people do not experience much during the session but then notice that things may feel lighter, or different afterwards. Again, there is no one correct way.