Spiritual Cleansing Program 2017

Mirabai Devi’s 2017 Spiritual Cleansing Program!

Mirabai Devi Welcomes You to Join Her in This Special Opportunity to Release and Cleanse!

Spiritual Cleansing is a deep cleansing of negative thought forms, life programs and patterns, family lineage karma, past life individual karma, and collective global karma.

Mirabai Devi is launching this new program for 2017 that will help to release and cleanse emotional
baggage, limiting belief systems, and negative thought forms.

This program is designed for those individuals who would like to experience new or deeper levels of
spiritual cleansing, and who are ready to receive healing for the transformation of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Negative limiting belief systems, emotional baggage, and actions that are out of alignment with Nature cause pain, disease, suffering, and imbalances. Deep negative emotions attract and create thought forms or entities that cling to you. These then cause perpetuating patterns of negativity and illness in your life; and, they need to be cleansed, released, and made peace with.

This new cleansing program with Mirabai Devi is a profound opportunity to cleanse and release these patterns and causes.

We will be launching this 6-month program in March 2017. It will be held remotely in silence (off-phone) once per month. Each month will focus on a different topic and will build upon the previous month’s topic.

Monthly Cleansing Topics

Month #1: Clearing You
Month #2: Clearing Your Subtle Bodies
Month #3: Clearing Your Home
Month #4: Clearing Your Family
Month #5: Clearing Your Mind
Month #6: Clearing from Entities

* This program will be held monthly in silence, off-phone (remotely) starting in March 2017. This program timing will be structured around the total number of participants.

* You will sign up on a list, send regular photos along with a list of yourself, your space and any other situation that you want to be cleansed.

* On your list you will need to clarify exactly what your needs are for cleansing and be as detail specific as possible since this program will be done remotely.

* At the scheduled time given, Mirabai will go “in” by tuning into your list and photo.

* Mirabai will also scan you & your needs for cleansing and then use the technology of Spiritual Healing which means working with the Divine Light, Divine Mother and Spiritual Light Beings to “cleanse” layers of negativity that have accumulated over time. These layers of negativity have built up in your system causing decay, stress and blockage often leading to physical, emotional & mental illness.

* The total length of group time will depend upon the number of participants in your group. Everyone signed up will benefit from the “group effect.”

* This program is $75 per month per person

Call our Scheduling Office to register: (760) 216-1029

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