Mirabai Devi


Kirtan is an ancient form of devotionally-based chanting traditionally sung in Sanskrit in a call and response style.

Mirabai Devi events often feature kirtan music, which opens the heart and allows the spiritual power within to awaken.

Larisa Stow and the Shakti Tribe have led kirtan chants in Mirabai’s programs and perform kirtan across the country. You can visit Larisa Stow and the Shakti Tribe online at their new website at www.larisastow.com.

Other kirtan artists  are listed below.  Please visit our Links page for further details.

Larisa Stow and the Shakti Tribe

Larisa Stow

Larisa Stow and the Shakti Tribe have led kirtan chants in Mirabai’s programs and perform kirtan across the country.


Girish is an internationally touring world music artist, teacher, and author. He began his music career as a jazz drummer, spent five years as a monk in a Hindu monastery, returned to music as a session tabla player on more than a hundred world music albums, and for the past twelve years has written, recorded, and performed his own original music and taught Sanskrit mantras and chanting in music festivals and yoga studios all over the world. His seven albums have received critical acclaim from O, The Oprah Magazine, Yoga Journal, and The Guardian, among others. Girish’s book, Music and Mantras, continues Girish’s mission to share the art of meditation through music and mantra with the world.

Jami Lula

Jami Lula is a transcendent artist, originating from Detroit’s vibrant arts scene, who later became an influential vocal professor at LA’s Musician’s Institute, offering a unique sense of purpose to his students. Merging with luminaries like Michael Beckwith and Marianne Williamson, his music resonates with a broader spiritual and human-potential movement. Celebrated with awards like the LA Music Awards’ “Best Male Vocalist”, Jami’s impact extends to youth groups nationwide, showcasing his commitment through over six albums that capture his soulful spirit and sound. If you seek to inspire and uplift audiences at events, Jami’s transformative music and message promise a deeper connection to self-awareness.

Donna De Lory

Donna De Lory is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist whose radiant voice and expansive musical vision encompass pop, world music, electronica and devotional mantras. In the pop realm, she’s perhaps best known for her work with Madonna as a backup singer and dancer, seen in the documentary film Truth or Dare and on Madonna’s Who’s That Girl, Blonde Ambition, Girlie Show, Drowned World, Reinvention and Confession tours. But De Lory’s own music has topped the Billboard Dance Chart several times, and her voice has been heard on landmark albums by artists such as Bette Midler, Leonard Cohen, Belinda Carlisle, Carly Simon and Selena. She has also sung on soundtracks for feature films like A League of Their Own, Smallfoot and The Switch.

Bhavani Lorraine Nelson

Bhavani credits as the beginning of her pull toward a career in teaching the moment as a six-year-old when she taught the Brownie scout next to her how to make a carnation from a Kleenex tissue. Her path was further clarified when her eighth grade English teacher asked her to teach sentence diagramming—a lost art—to the class. Since that time whenever Bhavani learned something she enjoyed, she ended up sharing it with others.

David Newman

David Newman’s greatest gift is his willingness to listen to his inner voice and open his heart to be of service to others. David guides and inspires fellow travelers on their paths, through his uplifting music and the valuable insights that he shares through his writings and teachings.

Shantal Reed

Shantal Reed is a singer-songwriter, producer, and musician based in Phoenix, Arizona. With a unique background rooted in growing up in a military family, she was exposed to a myriad of cultures, granting her a distinct musical perspective. Determined to shine a light in an occasionally challenging industry, she remains optimistic and introspective. Her aspiration is to consistently produce music that is both healing and relatable. Don’t miss the chance to explore her work!