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Intuitive Healing 4 Part Series!

🌸Spring 2024 Intuitive Healing Series: A Journey of Transformation with Mirabai Devi🌸

As the spring blossoms, so can your spiritual journey. This Spring 2024, Mirabai Devi invites you to embark on an unparalleled healing experience. The Intuitive Healing Series is more than just a program; it’s a transformational journey designed for awakening souls and emerging healers alike.

In a nurturing group setting, limited to just a few individuals, you will dive deep into your soul work, experiencing profound personal healing. Through intuitive readings, energy work, and Light Transmissions, Mirabai Devi will guide you to uncover and heal the deeper causal levels of your being.

This series is for you if you’re seeking:

  • A deep spiritual advancement
  • To awaken and develop your healing gifts
  • Personalized mentorship in healing modalities
  • A supportive and intimate learning environment


Embrace this opportunity to transform your pain into growth, to explore your path as a healer, and to witness the powerful modalities of healing in action. Join us and let your spiritual journey bloom this spring!

This is a discounted offer! Normally $1,035!

Now only $840 for a limited Time! 

Class 1: Thursday, June 6th at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

Class 2: Wednesday, June 12th at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

Class 3: Thursday, June 27th at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

Class 4: Tuesday, July 2nd at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

What to Expect:

✨Dive Deep into Your Healing Work✨

Ready to uncover the depths of your soul and heal on a profound level? The Intuitive Healing Series with Mirabai Devi this Spring 2024 offers an intimate group setting where personal transformation and learning go hand in hand.

Each session is a unique blend of individual healing, witnessing the transformation of peers, and direct mentorship from Mirabai. You’ll explore:

  • Intuitive readings to uncover and address your deepest causal issues
  • Energy work and Light Transmissions tailored to your unique healing needs
  • Techniques to navigate and heal physical, emotional, and spiritual blockages that stand in the way o fyour claining your freedom.

This series is an invitation to witness the power of healing modalities in real-time and learn how to apply them in your journey to assist yourself and others.

Discover the healing you need and the knowledge to help heal the world. Let’s transform together this spring.

Who Should Join:

💖A Call to Awakening Souls and Emerging Healers💖

Whether you’ve just begun to explore your spiritual path or you’re already walking it, the Intuitive Healing Series with Mirabai Devi is designed to accelerate your growth and enhance your healing abilities.

This series is perfect for you if:

  • You’re eager to dive into your own healing work
  • You wish to awaken and develop your gifts as a healer
  • You’re curious about energy work, Lightwork, and intuitive readings
  • You seek mentorship in applying healing modalities to help yourself and others


Don’t worry if you haven’t developed your healing gifts yet or if you’ve never done sessions with Mirabai before. This program will guide you towards clarity and get you the revelations to understand your healing journey.

Join a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to personal growth and spiritual awakening this Spring 2024.

Your time is now!

Benefits of Joining:

🌈Transformative Benefits of the Intuitive Healing Series🌈

Embark on a journey with Mirabai Devi this Spring 2024 that promises not only profound personal healing but also a deepened understanding of how to facilitate healing in others. Here’s how joining the Intuitive Healing Series can benefit you:

  • Personalized Healing: Experience healing tailored to your individual needs and spiritual journey.

  • Learning and Growth: Gain insights into various healing modalities and how to apply them effectively.

  • Mentorship: Receive direct guidance from an experienced Master Teacher and Healer to enhance your skills and understanding.

  • Community: Connect with a group of peers, fostering an environment of support, compassion, and shared learning.

This series offers a unique opportunity to deeply understand yourself, heal, and grow in your abilities as a healer. Let this be the springboard for your transformative journey into deeper love, compassion, and spiritual awakening.

What You Will Experience:

🌟Modalities Available to You🌟
  • Spiritual intuitive Readings 
  • Energy Work
  • Personal Process Work
  • Lightwork 
  • Light Transmissions
  • Guidance and Support
  • Timeline Jumping
  • Karma Clearing
  • Akashic Record Reading
  • Interdimensional Communication with Ancestors and Guides and Family Members that have corssed over


Spiritual Intuitive WorkFocusing on your personal and interpersonal situational dynamics and uncovering unseen or hidden information. We will be exploring intuitive counseling, tuning into information provided from Mirabai’s guides, and refining our awareness of our Inner Voice’s guidance. You will learn more of how to trust your Divine intuition.

Spiritual Reading: During a reading, Mirabai puts vision on you, shares with you what she sees that is blocking you, and maps out what needs to be worked on. 

Energy Work: Working with Light Beings, cutting cords, opening and clearing chakras, removing blockages, working with Divine Light, colored Lights and etheric healing gels, past life regression, clearing Samskaras, patterns, and stuck or frozen places, past life regression, Akashic record readings to gather information, soul retrieval, inner child work and opening the heart to Divine Love. 

Personal Process Work: This includes working on improving your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and subtle bodies, relationships, finances/abundance, spiritual awakening, life purpose, kundalini awakening, self-realization, and Samadhi… to name a few. 

Lightwork: Mirabai uses specific tools for healing work like dissolving blockages, cutting cords, working with Light Beings, clearing negative energy, opening the heart and activating the chakras, opening portals, landing spaces of lights, past life regression, soul retrieval, illumination and light transmission, mantras and forgiveness prayers. Mirabai will also work with etheric gels that clear up negative energy memories, past and present hurt or trauma.

Register Here!

Save the Date! The First Class is on April 11th!

Are you ready to embark on a life-changing journey that will deepen your spiritual awakening and enhance your healing abilities? Join Mirabai Devi for the Spring 2024 Intuitive Healing Series and step into your power as a healer and an awakened soul. Here’s how to secure your spot in this transformative experience:

This is a discounted offer! Normally $1,035!

Now only $840 for a limited Time! 

Class 1: Thursday, June 6th at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

Class 2: Wednesday, June 12th at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

Class 3: Thursday, June 27th at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

Class 4: Tuesday, July 2nd at 1:00pm HST | 4:00pm PDT | 7:00pm EDT

  • Choose Your Payment Option: We offer a one-time payment of $840 or two installments of $420, making it flexible for your financial needs.
  • Mark Your Calendar: The series starts on Thursday, April 11th,, and we can’t wait to welcome you into this nurturing and transformative environment.

Spots are limited to maintain an intimate setting and ensure personalized attention. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this specially selected exclusive group of awakening souls and emerging healers. Register now and let this Spring 2024 be the beginning of a profound journey of self-discovery healing and spiritual growth.