Inner Listening Retreat

Mirabai Devi Inner Listening Retreat

Weekend Immersion on Inner Listening

A journey into YOUR DIVINE SELF with Mirabai Devi

Find Out What is Real For You 

Join Mirabai on this powerful retreat that focuses on removing the blocks to hearing your Inner Voice and Guidance. Mirabai will open the pathway to Inner Listening.

  • What is Real is Always the Divine.
  • Always your Inner Voice.
  • Always your Inner Self, the God Self.

Following our Inner Voice and inner guidance, and acting on it, is our pathway beyond the trap of this limited 3-D matrix.

The Benefits of Offered Services:

  • Her first solo weekend retreat in many years
  • Once in a lifetime opportunity
  • Ability to be in an intimate group setting with Mirabai
  • An opportunity to look at blocks that prevent people from a more advanced journey with themselves and the Divine.
  • Benefits: Decisions are made more easily, more centered, develop a high level of self trust and trust in the universe, unshakeable knowing. Reduction in anxiety and stress, wellbeing on all levels. Developing Clairaudience.

This Retreat Includes:

  • Light Transmissions and energetic healings with Mirabai
  • Light Work
  • Ascension and Awakening Teachings
  • Breath-work and meditations to Clean the energy and etheric body 
  • Guided exercises
  • Deep intimate sharings 
  • Experience of community in a virtual setting 
  • And much more…

During This Retreat You Will Experience:

  • Spiritual and Energetic Levels of Healing
  • Healing Your relationship with your Inner Self
  • Release Karma, Old Patterns and Outdated Belief Systems
  • Release and Transmute Limitations, Old Pain and Suffering
  • Connection With Your Soul and The Divine Light
  • Heal the Mental and Emotional Bodies from Separation
  • Open the Heart 
  • Enhanced Faith and Trust
  • Raise your Vibration
  • Open and Clear the Ways for Connecting with the Divine Self
  • Experience Joy, Positivity and Peace

For any questions about the retreat, please contact the office.

(760) 216-1029

Inner Listening – Interview with Mirabai Devi

What is Inner Listening? 

Inner listening is listening to the still, small voice of God within you. It maybe the softest and subtlest voice in your head, because it may present itself as quieter than the other voices.

How do I know if I’m listening to my mind or ego rather than my Inner Divine voice?   

The inner voice is the voice of our guidance. It is our inner guide that is showing up to show us the way. It’s the deepest inner-most truth that we’ve ever known.

How does one separate out the many different voices of the ego from the voice of the God Self? 

There are so many different ego voices that come from the different fragments that make up our persona. We need to separate out the judgmental voice and the expectation that our inner voice comes with rolling thunder and lightning. 

This illusion has tripped us up and dismantled our self worth, causing destructive and harmful belief systems in our youth and many, many adults. 

Can you share more about the external messages that we hear?  

That is the purpose of the spiritual path. We are on this path to remove these programs that limit us, that keep us in a perpetual state of being conditioned robots in a programmed existence, instead of being free. 

And yet, the ego is fighting harder to separate from the Divine to become even more separate. The more the ego can keep us in separation, the more the ego is in control.

And so this brings us back to the inner truth of our being: to be free from other people’s judgments and criticisms, to be free from other’s expectations of us and projections onto us.   

Can you share more about what’s happening in today’s world?

People around the globe are so very stressed and triggered by the extreme restrictions placed on our freedoms.

It is no longer helpful for us to go outside of ourselves into the 3D matrix for our answers. It is not serving us right now, nor will it serve us in the future.

Does this create more feelings of isolation?

Looking outside of ourselves is driving people further and further into separation, isolation and alienation. Which is the exact opposite of what we want.

We are now in a time that is about discernment. It’s about discerning the truth from the false, and it’s about discerning the mixed messages that are coming in. Both in the world, in the media, and within.

Find out what is real for you.

And What is Real is Always the Divine. Always your inner voice. Always your inner Self, your God Self.

The Spiritual Mentorship Program with Mirabai Devi resulted in the removal of blockages that shielded my perception of who I am at the core of my being. It’s becoming clearer that I’m not just a body with a personality and preferences but something much bigger, infinite, and eternal.  I have a renewed and increased interest in awakening to my own nature, the Absolute, and also to get to know the Divine in its many subtle, manifest forms. 

The program also opened the capacity of the heart to be more open and loving resulting in a lessening of negative mental judgements of others.

Spring 2020

The Spirtual Mentorship Program was amazing! Layers of limited thinking and dusty old belief systems were easily removed resulting in improved mental clarity,  increased physical energy, and a deeper spiritual connection. Thank you Mirabai!

RJ June 2020

Having nearly completed Mirabai Devil’s 1st 2020 Mentorship Program I would like to unequivocally recommend this program to anyone who is interested in delving deeply into their personal “baggage” so as to offload that which is weighing them down in their progress toward inner expansion, lightness, freedom, clarity of vision and fulfillment. This is the “graduate level” program that you have been looking for.

FJ Spring 2020

The mentorship gave me so much more than I imagined and in unexpected ways.  On the spiritual side of life’s equation, it has opened up my path, strengthening my inner sense of myself and clearing away a lingering cloud of futility. My intuition is opening up more and my work with clients has deepened and quickened.  My mind is much quieter and with that I’ve experienced long periods of causeless joy and being at ease in the world and with others, even in the midst of a pandemic. Physically, I’ve had chronic pain for decades and that has decreased significantly. In particular, during a group call Mirabai and the Divine focused on an old injury to my mid-back. This spot has bothered me for several decades despite many treatments of one kind or another. The pent-up emotion attached to that injury lifted and dissolved, with it the pain has disappeared.

IB Spring 2020

Angel Donor Scholarship Opportunity

Inspired by the transformative nature of Inner Listening, an Angel Donor has come forward to offer financial assistance to twelve lucky individuals who feel called to participate in the Inner Listening Weekend Retreat but may be in need of financial assistance.

Our Angel Donor strongly believes in creating opportunities for people to cultivate this deep knowing for themselves and we are ever so grateful to them for this generous contribution to the community!

To be considered for one of these scholarships please send an email to answering the three following questions:

We will be awarding twelve scholarships
in the amount of $100 off the price of the retreat.

1. What inspires you about Mirabai Devi and her work?
2. What do you hope to receive from this retreat experience?
3. What is your financial hardship?

We will consider applications on a first come, first served basis so please respond as soon as possible.

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