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Howard Wills has been sharing his healing gifts throughout the world since 1974, after a powerful spiritual transformation. His work is experiential, offering a tangible spiritual technology that puts self-healing within our grasp while revealing the importance of love, forgiveness, personal freedom, and happiness in our search for perfect health and higher consciousness. The healing prayers he offers for free on his website have brought profound healing and inner peace to people all over the world. (

For the last 37 years, Howard has witnessed marvelous and miraculous transformations. His life-transforming gatherings and events assist people in releasing the obstacles that block them from living expansive, healthy, joyful lives filled with love, happiness and freedom.

Bio: Howard Wills was born May 1, 1953, in Columbia, South Carolina. At the age of five years old, he became extremely interested in health. As he grew, Howard paid attention to every available philosophy pertaining to health and healing, mainly because he had health issues as a child. He studied with the indigenous people of South Carolina and learned about local and wild herbs. He studied Kahuna healing from Hawaii, as well as many other indigenous healing systems.

In addition to his interest in health and healing, Howard was an avid golfer as a youth. He played in PGA tournaments as an amateur golfer at 16 years old and he played with Arnold Palmer, Tom Weiskoph and many other golf greats.

When Howard was 20 years old and attending the University of South Carolina, he had a transformational experience with “The Light.” The experience opened his perceptions, lifted the veil, and allowed him to see deeply into the nature of life. It gave him powerful and effective insights into the art of health, healing and consciousness. Howard discovered that he understood how to generate transformation within people, and he understood how to help people help themselves.

For the last 35 years, Howard has worked with people from all over the world and he has witnessed marvelous and miraculous transformations – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. His life-transforming gatherings assist people in releasing the obstacles that block them from living expansive, healthy, joyful lives filled with love, happiness and freedom.

Howard has traveled to the Arctic Circle, Canada, all over the US, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Hawaii and New Zealand helping people. He wrote a book that was written in Japanese called, Prayer of Life and he is currently working on several books (in English), DVDs and CDs.

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