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Mirabai Devi Foundation

Mirabai Devi’s non profit Foundation that offers public events worldwide to support her mission.


Retreats in Kauai Join Mirabai for personal & public healing retreats in the most mystical place on earth- her home in Kauai!
Mentorship Teleconferences Unleash your latent potential and experience profound change with Mirabai.
Private Sessions Mirabai works with individuals every day to open them to love, health, bliss, joy, & healing.
Lightworker Training

Activate the Inner Light, remove blockages and be of greater service to humanity.


Seva Being of service increases our capacity to burn off negative karma and opens our heart to shine more love and devotion.

Private Sessions with Mirabai Devi


Book a private session with Mirabai Devi that includes a special transmission of Light!

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Living in Light Movie – Available Now

Mirabai Devi in Living in Light Film

Featuring: Mirabai Devi

Are you ready for the truth about you?

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Healing Teleconference Calls with Mirabai Devi

Our popular teleconference series continues!

Mirabai Devi Teleconference series

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Forgiveness Prayers

For Howard Wills' Forgiveness Prayers,

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